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    Default Official Striking Serphent Sword Thread.

    Hello. The Striking Serphent Sword is my personal favorite weapon. So I created a thread for the rare weapon! More info is coming tommorow. Feel free to post more info like pictures, colours available, how the colours were or are recieved (crafted, looted, etc.) stats, etc. Here we go...

    Colours: Sky Blue / Silver (Crafted, Picture coming tommorow)
    Gold / Yellow (Looted, Picture needed)
    Dark Green (Unknown, Picture needed)
    Attacks: Flame Flash (2000 Damage)
    Dragonstrike (10,000 Damage)
    Exact stats coming tommorow.

    Thanks for reading.

    Shrek so Drek "Ogres are like Onions" #Shreklife

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    Default Re: Official Striking Serphent Sword Thread.

    I have a a few that i've crafted but i've never seen any other colors.
    Anyone need anything Boys Only, Combat or anything else except Girls Only PM me

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