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    Default ☠-Official Halloween Trick-or-Treat and Party List-☠

    -Official Halloween Trick-or-Treat and Party List-
    Hey guys, I noticed a lot of people are having parties at their house, or are inviting trick-or-treaters to come and get candy and trinkets. I recently bought a bunch of stuff and decked out my house for a party and trick-or-treaters. Then I thought- Hey, why not put everybodies' trick or treat houses and parties in one list? Then, on Halloween, people will know which houses to go to without digging through the whole forum!
    Just post the name of your house, a few details (including the date) and a picture if you want! I will add it to this post.
    (Note: This is just an idea I had, if you guys don't like it I won't do it. It just sounded fun.)

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    Default Re: ☠-Official Halloween Trick-or-Treat and Party List-☠

    Alright i have a house, Elegant Shores IGN CHristopher Bigarm

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