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    Default no ban for O.O.B.

    everyone says that you can get banned for going O.O.B. (Out Of Bounds), this is not true. i just found a post from Pex on the Official Forums, and here it is.....


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    Hi everyone. My apologies for the delay in clarifying this on the forums.
    In the past few weeks we've been removing some posts containing images or information regarding parts of the world that are being accessed thru glitches and unsecured parts of the terrain. It was never our intention to allow players into these areas and purposfully accessing them does fall into the category of exploiting an error in game code...but since you can't gain any adantages nor get stuck in those areas, it's not a critical exploit so we may as well enjoy some of the screenshots taken from those vantage points.
    So, here is our current policy for the forums. If it needs to change, I will let everyone know:

    • It is ok to post images from out of bounds areas.
    • It is not ok to post on the forums how to get to those areas.
    • It is not ok to advertise tours or guided walks to those areas on the forums.

    If you had a thread moved due to posting these images before, let me know and I will see about getting them back (though it's probably better to post a new thread since the old one will be buried by date).
    Thanks for your understanding.
    *I've posted this thread in the Free Realms Important Thread Index for easy reference.

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    Default Re: no ban for O.O.B.

    i got out of bounds some times XD and i shown some people how to thats why i lost account

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