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    Default Ninja Oni Armour.

    I just wanna know, is the Spiked Cowl thing, related to the New School Oni Shoulder Guard, and if it is, is there armour to go with it, or just another kind which matches it.

    And this is kinda my first post, and i think this is the right forum.

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    Default Re: Ninja Oni Armour.

    Oni armour? WHat are those?

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    Default Re: Ninja Oni Armour.

    Quote Originally Posted by GrimmjowJagerjaques View Post
    Oni armour? WHat are those?
    Oni Armor is the name of the SC Ninja clothing.

    Also, I'm not sure what you mean by the Spiked Cowl. From what I know, it's up to you to choose a nice Ninja outfit. Now if only the dyes were released...
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    Default Re: Ninja Oni Armour.

    i know what you mean the oni head guard. Yes it matches with the should i got them my self. Hope this helps :O
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    Default Re: Ninja Oni Armour.

    x.x The dyes will probably never be released, just like the empty promise of the exclusive pet level 20 Pet Trainers were 'sposed to receive..I want meh pet q.q
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