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    Icon4 ninja level went down one

    I was level 18 1/2 this morning, played till i was well into level 19. I changed into higher level clothes and then i noticed i was kicked back down to level 18 1/2 ............errrrrrrrrgh. I posted on the FR site, but couldn't find anything where anyone else had dropped a level.

    Anyone else?

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    Default Re: ninja level went down one

    I overheard some people in front of Bat Cave in the snowhill mines discussing that they dropped one level while I was mining yesterday, but I haven't experienced it myself.

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    Default Re: ninja level went down one

    I bet they had to roll back the server time do to an issue and it effected the game play. When they restart a server at times you'll lose xx amount of game play. annoying, but it is rare when it happens.

    Can't be sure.. but that would be my guess if its happening to a few people.

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    Default Re: ninja level went down one

    This has happened to me twice in the last week, each time it happened I filled out a ticket and they awarded me my levels back. I would suggest going to the customer service screen and letting them know so they can fix it. They are aware that it is an ongoing problem and are working on it.

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