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    Default New Years House Party.. You going?

    Its not on the homepage yet so I thought I would post it here. Tommorow in the sanctuary SOE is hosting the first party of this year. Its the New Year Housing Party.

    Excerpt of article:
    Friday January 8th, 2010
    3pm Pacific Time
    (U.S. and Latin America)
    Server 1

    9:00am Pacific Time / 6:00pm GMT
    (UK and Europe)
    Server 1
    To visit someone’s house, you need to be on their Friends List. Once you are added, you can select their name from your list and teleport to any of their unlocked houses. "

    Be there!!

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    Default Re: New Years House Party.. You going?

    Already mentioned here (Community Event: New Year House Party). I don't think a moderator is at the computer right now to front-page it. Nice try, though.
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