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    Icon9 The new way to make coins

    If anyone already posted about this I am sorry. I didn't know were to put this please move it to the right catagory.

    I am pretty sure that a lot of you already know this (I think) but I just found an awesome way to make some coins! Ok, first go to the Pirates Plunder Minigame. Second, play it a few times. If you get the King's treasure pile you can sell it for 10k! Idk what the other pile is named but I recall that it sells for about half that, I think. I am not sure if you can win this but, If you get a treasure chest it sells for either 500 coins or 5,000 coins. The pirate's clothes don't sell for much though. But it's a nice way to earn some quick cash. (Well, not exactly quick cause one game takes about ten minutes. Or is it five?) Well my point it that you CAN make money off this stuff!
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    Default Re: The new way to make coins

    Nice! I'm sure this will help someone!

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    Default Re: The new way to make coins

    I've played it a couple of times to make a treasure luck. But it is a good way to make quick coins.

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    Default Re: The new way to make coins

    Oh never bothered to check how much can i sell it for lol
    I always get those gold piles, i have like 6 or more..
    thanks for posting this

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