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Title: New Things!!!!! In The World Of Free Realms

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    Default New Things!!!!! In The World Of Free Realms

    I've been playing Free Realms for a couple years now and I'm starting to get both bored and angered. Yes I'll admit there's new things every week or so, but what "I" really want to see is maybe some new classes/jobs or maybe a NEW AREA! I know Sunstone Valley came out not too long ago but I've done almost everything possible there. I'm hoping for something BIG before the year's over and here are someof my ideas...


    Scuba Diving:
    I would recommend not a combat job, something not close to the others, a job that did something with the water like Scuba Diving where you would dive under water (Seaside, Lakeshore, Blackspore, or any other lake or river) and scavenge ship wrecks and find treasures while hunting/ avoiding dangers like sharks, eels, piranhas, squids, and any other dangers that could occur under water.

    Pirate's Plunder could become a job that you could roam the seas (Seaside or Blackspore) finding treasure or other ships. You could get into fights and blast your enemies away with a more in detail battle. When you destroy your enemies masts you could either send them to Davy Jones' Locker or board them and fight their captain and crew (Captain being a computer or another player) if you win you would steal extra goods. The pirate class would be a combat class with more to it than just fighting. As you become a higher level pirate you can buy better ships and crew members for that extra edge!

    Also Surfing could be a job, controlling you character on the waves, doing tricks and jumps off the waves. This might be better if it were a mini-game rather than an actual class.

    Farmer should be a class with levels instead of just a farm level. But there should be more than just planting and harvesting. Like feeding animals, herding cattle, and collecting eggs and meat from your animals. Maybe even you could do landscaping. For example digging a well, building shacks, troughs, or fences, planting flowers (for decoration) and trees.

    Advanced Combat Classes:
    Something else I thought would be neat is if there were better combat classes that would have to be unlocked or upgraded to. For example when you became a level 20 Ninja you unlocked the Samurai class (which would be based on power and defense instead of speed), and when you became a level 20 Warrior you unlocked the Knight class (which would be even stronger than the Warrior that specialized in more weapon types). When you get to level 20 as the Brawler the Hero class got unlocked (Which would specialize in speed and strength together). I think that this would put an interesting twist on the game. Both classes would be better than the originals, for example a level 1 Samurai could be as good as a level 5 ninja if not better in different ways. (I would really like this)

    Combat Questline Ender:
    Wouldn't it be crazy if after you finished the "Achieve Level 20" quest there was a secret quest you could do. That quest would be returning to the trainer of the job and talking with him/her. They would then challenge you to a battle that would be by far more difficult than any five star battle. The battle would just be a 1v1 and you would not be able to use potions or battle items. If you won you would be given a prize that was "rare". And an optional thing to do is having the battle be done multiple times (for example, 5) getting progressively harder and making the original prize that much better (if it were a weapon) or getting a new one. Just an interesting idea that would be a nice challenge!

    An idea is, every month is specified for a new class for everyone to try out and at the end everyone says which class was their favorite.


    Capture the flag:
    Like I said before I would like Capture the Flag. The flags could be sold in sets with stands (for where the flags begin/respawn) and score areas (where the flags are meant to go to, when they were brought there the person/team who brought it there would get a point). They could be different colors (Example Red and Blue) for teams.

    There could be letters and/or numbers so that you could spell out your name or guild to get some recognition. I understand this could be a problem because there will always be inappropriate people out there.

    Switches would be neat and would add a twist to houses. In and around your house you could have switches hidden or not, that when activated would open a door, turn on an elevator or teleporter, turn on a boombox, or do what ever else that Free Realms will let it do. These doors or elevators would not be able to be opened or activated in any other way.

    Donation Chest:
    Lastly, I would like to see something like a "Donation Box" where anybody who wanted to could deposit money or items into the box. The only person that would be able to withdraw the items in it would be the house owner. This would help anybody who is poor to build or buy items for their house. For example I have a giant maze in my yard (Your welcome to try and pass through it if you can at Awesome Amazing Tower, by Jake Silverforce) and every time I add something new in, my friends want to see it and they're always nagging me to add more to it quickly. This would help me get more done faster. It would be entirely up to your friends or whoever whether they wanted to help you out or not.

    Party/Guild Houses:
    By this I mean that there should be a house for sale that you could have something like a soccer field, capture the flag, or maybe even bowling, that would be available for you and friends to play together. Or have a house that you could let multiple people edit and build on.


    Battle Pets:
    Something you could do for battles are have pets that could be used in battles that would have something special about them that would benefit you, like increasing your health and attack, being able to ram enemies and knocking them down, some sort of healing ability, or maybe even pets that would attack with you or distract the enemies.

    The Old Ways:
    Also I would like to see the old battle abilities come back. Where you actually used the stars you earned to upgrade your abilities and make them better instead of just having a weapon that gives you the ability. It also was nice because you didn't have just TWO different attacks, you had several.

    A possibility is having challenges. For example a battle tower with multiple floors and after each floor you earn a prize (money, armor, weapons, limited items) and continue to the top! The difficulty would be based on your combat level.


    To make the amazing world of Free Realms that much more amazing I think that they should add in new areas (Yes, I know they are already doing that, but I'm talking about small areas that would be out of the way) like islands where you could take a boat to (Could possibly have a level requirement to do so) or walk to. But in general I would like more places with more things to do because I feel that there's too much of Sacred Grove that's boring. On the islands there could be some kind of mystery you could solve, it could also be a trading post where you can trade certain items for others, or something related to a PvP arena.

    On the edge of the map there are countless mountains that have no significance. Near the base of the mountain(s) there could be a NPC that if talked to could take you into it for exploring, fighting, or mining (depending on where the mountain is).

    Yes, yes, Blackspore is already a place I know, but I'm pretty sure everybody will agree when I say it's boring. Straight up boring. Probably more boring than the vast empty forests throughout the Sacred Grove. There needs to be something to make people want to go there, like a NEW AREA that is on the other side of Blackspore! But there needs to be some action, for example if it turned into a battle area. Or if the ninja dojo opened. Also if there was something paranormal in the lake that related to maybe a ghost village. All in all something new needs to go on there.

    I would like to see the prize wheel at the end of every minigame to have an EQUAL chance of landing on each individual space. I hate having to play nearly a hundred times for that ONE PRIZE that you really want.

    I think that there should be a reset button on the rare and elite exploration coins so you can have fun looking for them all again!

    This is all I can think of at the moment, thanks for reading and please tell me what you think and maybe some of your ideas!
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    Default Re: New Things!!!!! In The World Of Free Realms

    ​Wasn't this already posted?

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    Default Re: New Things!!!!! In The World Of Free Realms

    Quote Originally Posted by jaaaaaaaaack View Post
    ​Wasn't this already posted?
    Yes it was already posted, but it encountered some problems and wouldn't let me edit in other ideas when I had them so I made this so I could do so.
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