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    Icon4 NEW Tcg Virtual Rewards?!?!

    So my friend noticed, after the update in the "Create Trade" section of Tcg, she scrolled down to look at the items, andd she saw a few new ones. This could just be a mistake by SOE but for right now we have no clue...She saw more new items, but as i looked all i could find was this one. Anyone else see any others?
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    Default Re: NEW Tcg Virtual Rewards?!?!

    The bandoiler has been here since the beginning of July and those other ones are glitched and meant for the Starwars game, not FR.
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    Default Re: NEW Tcg Virtual Rewards?!?!

    This actually isn't very new. But it is the new reward for the TCG Tournament. Even though people don't trade them. Whenever a TCG Tournament reward is created, it also is added to the Create a Trade options. But you can not trade it. Which is also why you see at the bottom of the card it says Lifetime Limit of 1 Per Account.

    It's like an amo-pack but for dueling cards. Awarded for coming in 1st place in a TCG Tournament.

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