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    Default New Sport Shades?

    I heard rumors of sport shades arriving back in the the game. If this is true, are there different colors and are original sport shades no longer demanded?
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    Default Re: New Sport Shades?

    I am also wondering this... I remember someone yelling about it in briarwood..

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    Default Re: New Sport Shades?

    Hi Lucieno!

    Thank you for contacting Free Realms Customer Support! Referee Ruby here. =)

    I'm sorry for the confusion with these sport shades! It was just a simple mix-up... the player in question lost his sport shades and they were added in an incorrect color when Customer Support gave them back. With the way our commands are set up it's unfortunately very easy to make a slip like that. The issue has been corrected and everything is back to normal. =)

    I hope that clears things up for you! Have a great day, and thanks for playing Free Realms!


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    It was just a mix up.

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    Default Re: New Sport Shades?

    Well, who knows. It could always arrive in farming. I mean, Felt Berets did...why not Sport Shades?

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    Default Re: New Sport Shades?

    Im just wondering, why cant they just make new quests with new prizes? Instead of bring back old things?
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    Default Re: New Sport Shades?

    I agree with you girls, I really want stuff like that to come back
    it's so hard to get them these days and EVERYONE misses the old days, I mean the Vault was lost forever =(
    Then, FARMING!!! To get some of the old things!
    Then Vaultberry, and new farm to get even more missed things!
    So now to complete it, Old Member Packs!!!!
    If anyone from SOE reads this please take it into idea ^^

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