LOL Hello Everyone. Today Freerealms started a new record.

The Free Realms Random Record For The Most Ninja Gathering Around In The Same Place.

This record was like every other one. "Random". Although small, it is the beggining to all the upcoming records that we are thinking about making.

The Small record took 30 minutes and was hosted on server 1. It began randomly with no anticipation. Later at the end of the Attempt, The Total ammount was: 14 Ninjas.
This is a list of the people who participated in Establishing The FRRR(Free Realms Random Record) for; The Most Ninja In One Place:

Bella Rabbitfoot
Deckard paws
Joey Darkhood1
Kira Tutsuo
Mikey Lizardblade
Ozzy Steelforge
Dave Fiercesaber
Homer Lifeblade
Kara Wildbolt
Ryan Steelgate
Trey Wolftracker

If your name is on this list thank you for cooperating, the Record was only for fun and to keep the Free realms Community going. If your name is not on the list but you believed you participated then most probably you were late for the attempt or we missed teh count in out way. Keep an eye open for the next FRRR(Free Realms Random Record).

This small record seems easy to be beaten, but the Rules of this record go as followed.

1. There must be no anticipation of the attemp at any previous time. (All Attempts to brake the record can only be advertized at the exact moment the attempt is takign place)

2. The people must voluteer for the cause and cannot be brived or giving anything in exchange for participating unless SOE is involved in the cause.

3. Participants can only be taken part if are wearing or doign what the record says.

4. The record must be done under 30 minutes unless it's a time record.
Thanks for all who participated. Remember that you can establish your own record.

Ninja Record.jpg Ninjarecord2.jpg