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    Default New Mystery Key?!

    Hey guys!,

    I went on free realms this morning - EU time - and i suddenly see this News thingy saying 'New Mystery Key' it costs 200sc and all the info i only know is that once you buy it you can use it once per day and to use it is to go to a battle that would give a chest EG. Tangle Fort and the end of the last Boss you defeat it and there should be a chest near the door or something. And you get a random new item... I haven't bought it but I've been asking people with these new jackets or there new items they got.

    Also there is this new Hover Shoes I don't know how to get it but it looks AWESOME!
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    Default Re: New Mystery Key?!

    AWESOME!!!!I gotta try it!Actually i always go for the tangle fort faster way
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    Default Re: New Mystery Key?!

    I hope you are right. I heard it can only be used once. Not once per day.

    If it can only be used once, they should really consider renaming the game CasinoRealms. The rigged prize wheel made me feel like I was in Las Vegas before this came along.

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    Default Re: New Mystery Key?!

    Don't waste your time or sc money (unless you really want to) It's a complete rip off. You can only use the key once!! I have two accounts and on one I got a beanie (lame) and in the other I received 5000 coins! Give me a prize, not stupid coins!! And if you wanted to open another chest, you would have to re buy the key again. I say not worth it and no fun unless you get what you really wanted on the first try. Made me really mad >:/

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