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Title: New FRI Group

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    Default New FRI Group

    FRI Hangout club

    What is this club?
    FRI Hangout Club is a well-Moderated club where Insiders can hang out, get together IG, advertise guilds, other groups, party's & more!

    Why create this club?
    So insiders can see what is going on with other insiders, Meet new members/friends, and find out what new things are happening in FreeRealms!

    How do I know this group is safe? I don't want to end up in fights or something? What if someone posts something inappropriate?
    Not to worry! The creator (KAnnamaria/Farahh) will moderate the area. But just incase- report anything bad to Farahh.

    Click here to join.

    It was fun playing with you guys! Ilysm!

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    Default Re: New FRI Group

    cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Narwhales. Bai.

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