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    Default New Career Suggestions

    Just a simple wish list thread. If Free Realms were to add new job classes, which ones would you like to explore?

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    Default Re: New Career Suggestions

    What about Fencing? The fencing mini-game could use that Practice Dummy that I've seen in the game. I don't know what purpose that dummy serves, other than just being one more mini-game. Having some sort of fencing class could put that Practice Dummy to good use.
    Imagine the different rapiers to choose from: Swept Hilt Rapiers, Epee, Foil, Sabre.

    The game has a ninja, so what about a Samurai? Heck, the armor alone would be cool. Leveling up to the ability to use two blades at once would be interesting.

    What about a Knight? Jousting as a Knight would be amazing. Being able to have a horse would be great, even if it's only in the jousting part of the game.

    Gladiator job would be cool. I mean, it would basically be like the movie Gladiator -- fighting in a big arena. Actually, it would be cool if you had to progress to the Gladiator job. After hitting 20 as warrior, brawler, etc.

    I was actually hoping the update would add some levels after 20, but it didn't happen. Offering a new job to unlock after 20 would be interesting.

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