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    Icon11 Need ppl to join my mazeditch team!

    Ok some of you may remember that i built a HUGE maze in my briarwood lot. your also prolly wondering "what the heck is mazeditch?" well me and my friends are harry poter fans i built the maze with the triwizard maze from HP 4 in mind. Mazeditch is just maze and quiditch . its a game. all u do is go through the maze till you find the end of it. at the end theres a teleporter tht teleports you to the winners platform in the sky. theres platforms all round the maze for ppl to watch. now. theres too teams. each with 5 ppl. the first team to find the teleport at the end of the maze wins! but we need ppl for the team... so anyone who would like to join plz tell me
    To join the team you need to:
    Be a level 12 wizard and you need to have the Adherent Wizard Long Cloak Red for the Gryffindor team, blue for ravenclaw, yellow for hufflepuff, and grey for slytherin. you only need the cloak. dont use the hat. and you MUST own a hover board. or a surfboard.
    Add me in FR Marie Goodsmile
    Thanks guys!
    Join my Hogwarts Academy of Magic Guild in FR! we need members so we can grow! we'll all have loads of fun!

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    Default Re: Need ppl to join my mazeditch team!

    I was about to join, but then BAM, I saw I needed to be a level 12 wizard, darn. Sorry

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