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    Icon9 Need obstacle suggestions...

    I'm working on an obstacle course in my Small Wilds House. It will feature three (maybe four) levels. I have the first, Camp Fun, made already and have started to work on the second: Media Magic. I am planning to have the third called Towers of Terror, and have a kiddie track inside my house. The kiddie track's theme will either be Free Realms or Four Seasons. I am leaning towards seasons more. So, I need you to do two things:
    1. Vote: Four Seasons or Free Realms?
    2. Suggest obsatcles. Especially for Media Magic.
    Media Magic obstacle will all be based on movies and TV. Towers of Terror will be secret. Four Seasons would be obstacles revolving around times of the year, and Free Realms would be all classic Free Realms stuff. Camp Fun is now open, but my house is currently closed for the construction of Media Magic. I already have two obstacles for Media Magic: an Alice In Wonderland mini-door and Harry Potter first-year boats. Any other ideas?

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    Default Re: Need obstacle suggestions...

    Hmmmmmm maybe a set from somewhere......

    Oooh!!!!!!!! The pinapple that Spongebob lives in!!!!!!!


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