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    Default Need help.. ;O

    Is the New School Dragon Blade is good to buy? .-. I have an Old storm breaker tho, but wish to buy Dragon blade from before..
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    Default Re: Need help.. ;O

    i have it...i like it...
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    Default Re: Need help.. ;O

    It is just for looks. If you go in coinshop then search Sword of Dragon Strike, it has the same stats. I think even better

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    Default Re: Need help.. ;O

    IDK because I like to stick to my shadowblade that summons ninas to help you fight...

    I like to check out the stats to see what's better..... and if they have the same stats, then whichever one looks better/which one you think has better moves.


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    Default Re: Need help.. ;O

    those new sc blades are only good for looks nothing else
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    Default Re: Need help.. ;O

    the new school dragon blade is stronger then the old dragon blade! I battled against my friend using it and a random person! its weird. -_-
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