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Title: Mystic Mayhem's Toy Guide

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    Default Mystic Mayhem's Toy Guide

    Hey guys!

    I wanted to create a toy guide to help everyone out but found that I didn't have enough time to do so. Luckily, Mystic Mayhem decided to do what I was going to do -- and I must say that this guide is way better than anything I could have created. Here's what Zadira said about it in their news section:

    Santa Claus has indeed come to Free Realms and he has brought his bag of toys for the good little girls and boys! Now we can spin almost every wheel in Free Realms and have toys for our reward. There are big toys, little toys, boss toys and lit-up toys for everyone to collect.
    You only need to play a mini game that has a toy reward wheel and after you finish the game you spin the wheel to find out which toy you win.

    But what if you want a certain toy? Marisol and Ravix have worked tirelessly with the help of others to put together the most comprehensive and most detailed guide to help us find where to look for the 105 unique toys that are found in the Realms. On the wheels you will find Cakenstein, rogboblins, Chatty, the Futuristic Bike, the Gloam Lord, tigers, bears and Chugs, oh my!

    There are three types of toys you can win. They are designated by the color of their title. Green, blue and orange colors let you know which toy falls in which category. The orange titles are the most rare and are highly sought out by the serious collectors.

    With this guide you can easily know where to go to find any of the toys that are available. If you see Marisol or Ravix in game or here on the site, please let them know how much you appreciate all their hard work and dedication to putting this amazing guide together for us.
    Link to the guide:

    Free Realms Mayhem - A Free Realms family friendly community • Snow Days 2013 Toys -- A Comprehensive Guide

    Credit for the guide as posted by Marisol on the original thread:

    Even though I am the one making this post, this project was by no means a solo effort:

    The biggest thank you has to go to Layla Littlenymph... since it was her original idea that got this entire thing started! And also for completing all of the Chef recipes!

    And we are very grateful to Syd and Quena of <Double Trouble> and Agent Lorenzo (who posted on the FROF)... for giving us permission to incorporate some of their hard work into our efforts, saving us from repeating some battles and mini-games.

    Thank you and 2 thumbs-up...
    To Zadira and Steffy, for battling in the 4- and 5-dot dungeons!
    To Ragu, for smelting all those ore bars!
    To Kaden Wolfbane of <Double Trouble>, for being a pirate!

    A special thanks to Shock and Crushbunts for allowing us to use the toy's icons!

    And last, but certainly not least, a HUGE thanks to Ravix... for his incredible farming skills! And for all of his hard work in helping me fill in and organize all of the charts.

    I realize that not everyone likes Mystic Mayhem and sometimes it can be a sore topic on this forum for whatever reason, but I would hope that it can be agreed upon that this guide is really amazing and they deserve some props. I'd like to give them a huge thanks from me for doing something that I couldn't do and doing it so well. If you guys are on a search for specific toys or want to know what toys are on what wheels, then I strongly recommend checking this guide out.

    Have fun toy hunting, and happy holidays!

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    Default Re: Mystic Mayhem's Toy Guide

    geez... that much take FOREVER. thank you
    Narwhales. Bai.

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