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Title: My Angry Rant

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    Default My Angry Rant

    This is in response to Eric's rant which addressed some important issues that I will also talk a about.

    1. The community.
    In the first two years of FR everywhere you went there would be people about, doing quest, leveling jobs, playing mini games, or exploring. Friends would group up and take on dungeons. In general it was more fun and made the game actually feel alive and how a good MMO should be.
    Now fast forward to 2013 and look at the state of the people. Many places are empty other then a few new players here and there doing quests. Where is everyone you say? Standing in one **** spot, wether that's at the fort or on the beach, comparing there clothes like its some sort of fashion game. This in turn affects new players, they join the game, see what people do an join them which just adds to the cycle. It's disgusting tbh. Barely anyone actually PLAYS the game and the content that is in it.
    While it's not bad to hang out and trade items, it has to be done in moderation. Not sit there for four hours trying to buy some "skinnies" and show off your glasses. There is still hope for the community if it as a whole tries to leave its little parties and goes plays the actual game. The community has come to this for a variety of reasons and I'll be getting to those...

    2. $OE
    I'm going to just refer to the first two years of FR as the glory days from now on. In those days a F2P player still had a lot of freedom to do what they want, play the dungeons, mini games, or buy what they want, but recently whenever a F2P player tried to do nearly anything good they are presented with the "Buy Membership" screen. While limiting free content is a good thing $OE is doing it wrong. You need to give F2P players enough to where it feels as though they are playing a full game, get them to love the game and this will make them want to get more, so they will buy membership. Now if they try to do anything they have to buy membership which is a serious turnoff since instead of the game being like "hey, play all this and enjoy it, and if you want more you can buy membership" it's "oh you want to do this BUY OUR MEMBERSHIP". I swear next update is going to be like "You must be a member to jump".

    3. Content Expansion
    To me this is the root of all evil in FR and the cause of the current state of the game. When $OE started doing updates two years into the game they started doing it wrong. Instead of looking at other successful MMOs like WoW and adding NEW EXPANSION PACKS WITH NEW AREAS, QUESTS, MONSTERS, BOSSES, LORE, they added in CLOTHES, MOUNTS, PETS, AND HOUSE ITEMS. These cosmetics listed above are NOT EXPANSIONS of CONTENT, they are purely what there named say, cosmetic, only for looks. The game needed and still needs SUBSTANCE. While 15$ expansion packs may not have been they route $OE wanted to go they still should have added in new, large areas every 8-12 months. I'm talking about new areas that are 1/4th to 1/2 the size of the vanilla map. If they had released a real expansion pack once every year since the release, the community would never have become what it is now, the game would have actually progressed and evolved, the players with it. None of this vain little costume party crap, actual raids, dungeons, expanded lore, exploration, and fun with friends.

    This is all my opinion and I ask that you reflect on it and think of your own opinions and ideas.


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    Default Re: My Angry Rant

    I totally agree with this tbh.
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    Default Re: My Angry Rant

    k .
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    Default Re: My Angry Rant

    "I swear the next update is going to be like: 'You must be a member to jump.'" That gave me a good laugh xD But knowing SOE, they will probably do that, considering they ruined guilds and names.

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    Default Re: My Angry Rant

    Good luck trying to find anyone to help with openworld, face it the game is near dead.
    EDIT: The game itself is not near dead, but the combat and job aspect of it strangely is.
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    Default Re: My Angry Rant

    Third rant..
    But I agree :-P

    Also with the dungeon thing. A lot of people still do that actually, but from 9-12 a.m for me. Usually after that everyone hangs around

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    Default Re: My Angry Rant

    The seeds of disdain have been planted.


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    Default Re: My Angry Rant

    Yeah FR is changing a lot of things. It's just sad how they make people focus more on the clothing besides the adventure and cool stuff.

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    Default Re: My Angry Rant

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucieno View Post
    The seeds of disdain have been planted.

    Those words are too big for me to comprehend. Could you please make it easier to understand?
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    Default Re: My Angry Rant

    I remember when I first started playing in 2009, my friend introduced me to the game and we signed up and everything. It was really interesting, and I absolutely loved as a kid(I was 10). Went on, I did the first few quest things and I was like "Whoa, theres so much to explore! So many buttons everywhere and controls!" I ported to seaside and I went to some players and make friends, asking them "whoa how did you get that awesome weapon?!" and they would tell me and we would all have a god time battling and leveling and talking and having fun. I went to the launch pads and I jumped on those things for a long time, and then I explored more and I made lots of new friends along the way. Today in free realms, this would be considered "Extremely nooby". To not be a noob, you have to have vault, sport shades, milk gloves, all sorts of retired gear, elite, etc. If you wear just a regular shirt or something-- NOOB! WHY THE **** ARE YOU HERE? LOOK AT THAT SHIRT! ITS LIKE THE FIRST SHIRT THEY GIVE YOU IN THE BEGINNING!! Nobody even seems to care that an actual human being is behind that character. If you go to seaside--- NOOB! THAT'S WHERE ALL THE NOOBS ARE! For some reason all the "cool kids" hang out at briarwood. All those "cool kids" who if you ask a question and you have nothing rare on then they either 1) dont respond to you 2) port away, 3) be mean and vulgar to you. If you go jumping on the launch pads for fun-- SILLY NOOBS. DONT THEY KNOW THAT YOU HAVE TO BE IN BRIARWOOD IN SOME "RARE CLOTHES" STANDING DOING NOTHING AND TALKING WITH OTHER "PRO PLAYERS" TO BE COOL? Back then, I never encountered a mean player, to be honest, at all. Today? EVERYWHERE, especially in briarwood. Guilds?
    Back then: <Warriors of the night> <cat lovers> <realms runners>
    Today?: <Accelatrix><Zexal><Krypton>
    WUT :3 Whatever happened to guild names that state who you are and your interests? <Warriors of the night>--we hunt at night, I like warriors. <cat lovers>-- self explanatory <realms runners>-- we traverse the realms
    hmm... <Accelatrix>-- um wat? Is this even a word?
    Guy 1: Uh yeah bro, I like to... Accelatrix.
    Guy 2:O.o wat?
    Guy 1: Yep.... in fact im about to go do it now e_o
    Guy 2: Thats not a word ._.
    Guy 1: CAUSE YOLO !<-- *imagine an idiot saying this*

    Just throwing my opinion out there. Sorry if its a bit long.
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