I've decided to start my guild signup so that I am ready when the update comes. If you want to join this guild, you must meet a few prerequisites:

* Must play an instrument
* Must have all warpstones in game (for fast teleportation)
* Must be able to navigate around game (for secret meetings)

Meeting these standards is all that is required. If you meet these and wish to join once the guild system is set up, then post on here telling me

1. What instrument you play
2. Why you want to join.

The only ranks in this is musician, band leader, and prodigy
(Apprentice) (Journeyman) (Master)

Rank is based on the amount of guild activity performed.
In order to advance, a prodigy level guild member will maek sure you have earned the promotion.
In order to allow for advancement, I will start at prodigy

Musician-Basic Member
Band Leader- member, active for at least a week, must teach 2 Musicians
Prodigy- Month long Active member, performed masterpeice (hosting an awesome party)

Prodigy Parties are open to all people, in order to count must have at least 20 people

Each Band Leader is to teach 2 Musicians the ways of the guild. After becoming band leaders they too must teach 2 new members, and so on, in order to gain full understanding of guild rules.

Guild Rules:

*Thou shalt never leave a fellow musician behind
*When a brother musician needs help, thou shalt assist them.
*Thou shalt obey superiors, however, if the order is unjust, take it up with another superior who is at least equal to the first.
*Thou shalt treat each other with fairness.

In return you will:

*recieve guild protection
*gain the respect of your brotheren
*be able to participate in guild activities

Remember, post if interested,

Members will be listed like this

The Guitarist-Guitar-Prodigy
(FR NAME) ./\ (Rank)

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