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    Default Mixable Weapons=Awesome

    I have a mixable balloon saw and I had been wondering if I could actually use it in a fight. I teleported to Sanctuary to test it out. It was awesome! If I had a stronger health then I would totally go to Sunstone Valley and fight. I just thought this was pretty cool and decided to share

    Coco Attack Highlight.jpg

    Notice I'm In Adventurer

    ↓I Won!↓ One Blow and he was out!


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    Default Re: Mixable Weapons=Awesome

    I'm pretty sure most people knew this, we could battle on Adventure with Balloon Weapons for a long time now~ You are right, it is pretty awesome though~
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    Default Re: Mixable Weapons=Awesome

    I think there used to be a glitch that lets you be adventurer while fighting one of the sunstone bosses. Also when your adventurer, you have unlimited hp.

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