Match-3 games
1) If multiple matchable tiles are near each other, choose
horizontal match over angular one - this will not break
other tile layout.

2) To avoid getting overwhemled, try focusing on the left
2 rows of the board. When there are no matches left there,
move to the right - but return to these 2 rows whenever

3) Harvesting game - when parent quest needs certain fruit you can
focus on it - first match all triples, then keep matching
things around your fruit to create new possibilities.

1) Sometimes 'Take me there' button takes a long way around -
if the path is clear, you may save time by following arrows
on mini-map instead.

2) Another thing about 'Take me there' - it teleports you
if target is in different zone, but it will run you on foot
if target is in same zone. If the distance it shows is more than
500M, you may be better off warping to the stone for current
zone, then clicking 'Take me there' again.

3) You can create a pseudo-warp stone for yourself
by leaving an open quest with one of the NPCs.
When you need to port there, locate his quest
and click 'Take me there'.

1) The theme music in Free Realms is great, but it's not fully
looped. You can try finding Internet radio stations to
match the mood of the zone instead. For example, Ambient
music works great in Blackspore and polka is a good fit
for Wugachug.

2) You can create combo dance moves by playing several
boomboxes at once.

1) Avoid using the speed power up during turns - the
time wasted trying to straighten the cart may allow
others to overtake you.

1) Finding Rich Copper Ore - there are some outside Snowhill
near hills to the leftm when you exit town.
Look for purple icons on minimap.
If none are there, there could be another miner nearby -
but they seem to respawn fast.

1) In Tower Defense, several upgraded towers can be more
efficient than a bunch of normal ones.
Anya Tinybuzz