Ok, so I've been gone from this page for like...one year, two years? This is Nikita Hawkeyes, the creator of the story Karmia. It's probably buried in the history of the internt, but I know people liked my story. My username used to be stephymp43 (I changed it and I don't know if my username did change) and it should be Assassin of the Creed, because I am currently obsessed with the Assassin's Creed games. I've been poking around, gaining information and stuff. I usually log in into FR about...eh, twice or thrice a month. But I've been reading and hearing about this new area called "Pony Vale."

I hope this is TRULY something pertaining to ponies, because I am a huge, huge fan of My Little Pony. I was wanting some information on it, if you have anything.

I'm thinking that it migt be based off of Ponyville and I hope it will contain the ponies. If so, I'm getting my pegasus ready for some gliding. It will most likely be longer than that, but oh well.

Anyways, I am back after some odd years of role playing warrior cats (I am usually found on Virtual WArrior World daily) and I will pop in an out of FR.