HI everybody , masters inn is open now an inn- OK now to stay you gotta be polite and NOT date on FR ok? Thank you! Now for small beds ( in the music room our I coin) : next is a cabana wait there is only won! buy it foorr 100 dollars hurry ps it is your forever in my inn : next is an condo (upstairs two left each cost 1K: any resort park is free : NEXT IS fancy bed
costs.. 10 coins: next jobs jobs jobs job jobs! : Ok now the jobs first job is: checker is a person who check in and seeing if everyone is ok how much you get a WEEK is 10 coins if you even do your job how mayny jobs open for that... 3:next job IS a person who shows the people the fun stuff you get paid 10coins!n a week if you do your job job oepn for that 9 o_o lol NEXT JOB WILLL BE: idea not a job for someone eho wants to donate ideas add em server see you there it is penguin masters house server1 come all all welcomed get a job have fun! -penguin