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    Default Make your own Bosses.

    Hey, SD here with some news.

    I have this Idea where you can talk about your own Bosses.

    Example: Chykka

    a Two-Phase Boss battle where it takes place in Dark Torvus Bog (Combat Area, looks like a Dimensional Portal), where you have to make your way through all the dangerous enemies of Darkness into the Dark Torvus Temple, where you shall meet Chykka, a dangerous Temple Guardian.

    First phase is simply drawn out. destroy the cocoon first to engage the fight.

    Second Phase (Larva) is a fight where you need strategy. you stand on a platform surrounded by Dark Water. you can melee him, but it is risky since you take LOADS of damage on Water. he does swim in water, so he is ONLY VULNERABLE when he has his underbelly out. Dark Shredders will supply you with Energy and Health when needed. (Helpful tip: use Archers or have at least one Archer in the group to attack Chykka from afar.)

    Third Phase is complicated; Chykka NOW FLIES. Melee attacks can hurt him, but he does occaisionally lower himself from the air to hit him, however, this does happen rarely, since he does move quickly though, use Archers to keep on him. NOTE: Most shots will not hit since Chykka moves so fast. after he stays in the air, stunned, move to where you can see his backside, note that platforms are seperated for the segement of the fight, but jumping can get past this, if not, then you have a "Grappler" to help you move around faster. once he is stunned in the air, have any Ranged DPS or AOE hit the Wing Nodes at the Wings, this does take two times to fully get this done. once he falls into the ground, it is not exactly over, he turns into Dark Chykka. Dark Chykka is more vulnerable to DPS than any AOE effects, but that is because he has the Eggsac vulnerable. keep this in mind that Melees still cant hit Chykka normally, Dark Chykka wont lower himself at this time. note that he does have a Defense boost as well, keep that in mind. also perriodically Dark Chykka will dunk his Pobiscous in the water to spit out Chykklings, which are affected largely by AOE atttacks since they travel in close groups. they do loads of damage if one small group is on a raid member (he wont spit out Chykklings at one person without a group), the other Raid Members must destroy the Chykklings quickly, or they shall lose valuable Raid Status (This is new, it shows how much efficiency your Raid has on a scale of 0-400%, keep in mind that all level Twenty Raid members mark 400%, keep it in mind) in order to quickly kill Chykka.

    after about a third of Chykka's health is gone, Dark Chykka will switch back to light Chykka. after this, Light Chykka can now fire Bursts of Dark Water into Energy, avoid this since it does a bit of damage. also, Light Chykka can ram into a Raid Member, if Light Chykka doesnt do anything in the next few seconds, the Raid must move, because a Ram can easily kill a Raid Member of he/she is unlucky to move at this time. Chykka will be very tough to hit with ranged DPS/AOE attacks since he still moves very quickly.

    overall a tough but fun encounter to face against, this boss will teach alot of strategy.
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