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    Default Level 20 Content.

    So what is there to do when you reach level 20 in a job
    Obviously there's the mini-games for the jobs like Postman and Chef. For the fighting classes there's the same old dungeon instances we had when levelling up. Of course, there is the social aspect of the game and crafting for the members. There's the new content that is on its way very soon… Kart and Demo job progression, soccer, new areas and jobs. The story quests are also being added, although (annoyingly) are member only. And I can guess there's plenty of new minor quests in the mix.

    From my point of view
    I primarily enjoy the grouping and fighting aspects of any game/MMO, but to a casual level. I can't sit and grind for hours on end, I need to have a break, do something else and then return a bit later for some more fighting. If I do go for a heavy stint of fighting, I need to be in a group that you can easily talk with and have a good laugh at the same time.

    And Free Realms has this
    But when you reach level 20 in a fighting job, you have the same dungeons as before. There are a few armour sets you can save up coin for, and weapons. You can join a guild and have an excellent time, socially and grouping.
    My next comment is going to be unfair on such a young game, and for a game that doesn't focus on this aspect. But, I feel Free Realms needs something a little bit more… Epic, in scale. I'm not talking epic in the sense of the likes of World of Warcraft or Age of Conan for example. Just something a bit bigger than we already have. More armour sets, more fighting based questlines that involve greater need of team work in large/multiple dungeon instances.

    With the promise of new areas opening up over the coming year, one can only hope that amongst one of these will be the epic quests, and the epic dungeons, and the epic loot, bringing with it…

    The Epic Fun!
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    Default Re: Level 20 Content.

    I agree. I mean, Free Realms does get kinda boring, I mean, it's an awesome game or whatevs, but it's missing something very....exciting. But I think they're just trying to shield things from the kids younger than 12/13. I don't think they want a lawsuit...
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