Oh wow, What I noticed while playing Free Realms was that I was working on getting some more Knockdown Brawler armor, and one thing I noticed while doing this was this: THERE ARE NO MORE LEVEL 20 ARMOR PIECES IN THESE COMBAT ENCOUNTERS:
1) Mudshell OR Chugawump (Mudshell is a rare Enemy Spawn, while Chugawump is regular; can be faced against over and over again after Test your Mettle.)
2) Brutus the Brute (Rare Enemy Spawn; past version required Treasure Trove beaten first before facing against Brutus)
3) Bergram Stumpfinger (Rare Spawn; past version had almost impossible Bergram, now passable)
4) Tanglewood Fort (Combat Area; Area with Boulders in past version now has 4 Nibbler Nests, which can cause EXTREME LAG is not taken out quickly)
5) Cray Caves (Combat Area; no specific differences except for Water Forceback Waves at last area)
6) Hooligan Bullies (Normal Spawn; Nothing of much difference, except enemies now have Slam Abilities)

List of Item Categories at each: (No order from Head to Feet)

1) Head
2) Pants
3) Shirt
4) Shoulders/misc.
5) Shoes
6) Arms

Item Job Categories:

Warrior: Critical Hit Warrior
Archer: Bulls-Eye Archer
Brawler: Knockdown Brawler
Wizard: Arcane Master Wizard
Medic: Power Stopper Medic
Ninja: Jonin Ninja