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    Icon8 Level 20 Adventurer ???

    Does anyone know if we get anything when you level up your Adventurer to Lvl 20? I just hit 20 but couldn't figure out if I got anything or not. I'm wondering if it is a glitch, or if it is something that I can't figure out, like coins. I'd be a little disappointed if we don't actually get anything for reaching level 20. Is there a list somewhere of what we're supposed to earn when we level up to 20 on different jobs?

    On another note, I'd sure love to see the special Lvl 20 Pet Trainer pet we were all supposed to get after they took away the "job." Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!


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    Default Re: Level 20 Adventurer ???

    Nope, no reward. But there is the reward of a sense of acomplishment!
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    Default Re: Level 20 Adventurer ???

    If u want to level faster just find a guide on FRI thats what i did.
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    Default Re: Level 20 Adventurer ???

    There is no reward for becoming a Level 20 Adventurer.
    Tradeskill jobs, such as Blacksmith or Chef, give you the ability to play a higher-level minigame when you become Level 20.
    Combat jobs have items that require Level 20 to be used and have Traits that become active once Level 20 is achieved.
    Other jobs, such as Card Duelist and Soccer Star, have nothing to offer, just like Adventurer.

    But, hey, congratulations!

    As for the Pet Trainer pet, that reward is associated with the trophy system which is currently down and undergoing maintenance (I think).
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    Default Re: Level 20 Adventurer ???

    Congratulations on achieving Level 20 Adventurer!!! WHOOT!!!

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