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    Default Legends of the Realms 2 True Point

    I had a friend of mine bring to my intention that there was a error in the point count for Legends of the Realms 2.

    Such a error it doesn't even make sense which is completely disgusting to see.
    I am so appalled to see such a "mistake" happen.

    I hope this information will shine some light to those wonderful FRI staff.

    Original post on FR forums:

    Thank you for your time, Cindra

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    Default Re: Legends of the Realms 2 True Point

    I posted this on the SOE forums, and I am copying it here as well for those who do not inhabit those forums as much---

    Hi there,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are concerned about the authenticity of the results for LOTR 2. I hope this post will shed some light on the results, and how it worked. I do want to state right off the bat that the FRI Staff took a lot of time to run this event on our free time, and we did everything possible to make sure that the results were accurate and legitimate, in no way did we play favorites to any team. We did our best to assist each team in a matter that would not add any favor to them, and to be available to answer all questions as much as possible.

    On the submission thread for reach round, it required information such as every team player who took part in the event, the team name, separate submission forums, etc. Not every task submitted was done correctly (information was missing) , nor was it counted more than once, it if was submitted by multiple team mates. If we could not verify the screen shot (see the information required, see the players name, see the chat log if it was required, etc. even with pulling it up to full screen) or if the attachment had been removed, then the team was not rewarded the points. If either one of these cases took place (to use them as examples), then it would not have counted towards the final score.

    This information needed to be accurate, fairly viewable, submitted on time, and correctly filled out. If this was not the case, then it was not counted. Again, we took a lot of measures to make sure the results were as fair as possible. We couldn't count the submissions that didn't make the requirements--I can't say for sure if that is why you came up with a different result as I do not know if you counted the multiple submissions or veto'd the same submissons, but that is part of the process we took on.

    Feel free to contact me privately at FRI if you have any further questions (I do not get on here too often due to time constraints).


    Ashley Preciousfable

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    Default Re: Legends of the Realms 2 True Point

    I think the FRI staff team should count the top 5 team scores again and post the results just to make things clear, in my opinion.

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