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    Default The lastest Fashion, any new idea's?

    "Fashion", What's your happy thoughts on the latest fashion? Share your idea's.
    For the male it is awesome, for the female there is a pause for a moment, and if your a pixie there is concern,
    (not to bore you)
    "Board shorts", "I believe they are called", "correct me if I am wrong", I have many of these, however I wouldn't be caught wearing them. These "I think" were created for the male human, many times won through different quest.
    I think an option should be created for the female, such as different colored shorts.

    Some other items that the male can wear, female's can't wear "I can understand this concept to a point", however when leveling your jobs the final out come, everyone is dressed the same, there is no difference at all. So if I am dressed up in my level 20 fashion, I look like a Male. "with the exception of the wizard", "I think" the male looks like a female due to the color choice of the outfit. There are the exceptions of a couple of other jobs" .

    The color "Black, "what is that"? Your dressing and you ask yourself lets check the coin shop see if it comes in "Black".
    Sorry out of luck. "The new skeleton hooded shirt "call it what you will", some have received this item in "Black". "cool" Pause, read fine print "Not for female's". Puzzled you scratch your head, and say "that's right you mumble it's a Man's world". That song drifts back through your mind", "It's your world". "ok than". You smile to yourself.

    I will say the fashion is good over all, however some improvements should be considered.

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    Default Re: The lastest Fashion, any new idea's?

    Not to be offensive but it is MAN'S WORLD. But girls should have a little option like that. I totally agree...(because my sis keeps bothering my character) (and by bothering I mean messing it up)

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    Default Re: The lastest Fashion, any new idea's?

    Board shorts are perfectly fine ^-^
    I wear them sometimes with my pixie

    Males look like male when they wear outfits
    females look like females when they wear outfits

    Black is perfectly fine for a female to wear
    And boy wizards when they wear the wizard clothes look like wizards
    females look like females when they wear wizard clothes

    SOE designed free realms so that any clothes could look good for any gender and they had gender clothing so men couldn't wear those no-shoulder shirts
    and girls couldn't wear baggy jeans or work boots

    i personally love the clothing they have
    i love board shorts
    I love wearing black sometimes!
    I LOVE THE SKELETAL HOODIE! (there is a female and male one)

    Azure Aveline~
    Best Dang Thing That Your Eyes Have Ever Seen~

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    Default Re: The lastest Fashion, any new idea's?

    i agree.some of the clothes like the striped tee shirt could fit better for girls

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    Default Re: The lastest Fashion, any new idea's?

    Wow your my new favorite person. i agree with you. Once i got a male skeletal hoodie. O_o and some white texdo jacket.... But i agree with the board shorts could be better,plus the striped tees and the rob goblin tees.

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