Date: Thursday, September 15th through Thursday, September 22nd

Time: All day

Server: Housing Server

Location: Kaleb Opaleyes' V.I.P. club house

Host: The guild "Bad Apple"

It's that time of year again, when it's almost time for you to trade in your tank tops and shorts for long sleeve shirts and jeans. Fear not! Summer isn't over just yet! The Fall Equinox starts September 22nd, 10:49A.M.EDT, so there is still time to enjoy the Summer. Why not party the last days of it away? We, the "Bad Apple" guild think you should. That is why we are hosting our second annual "Last Days Of Summer Party" event and we are inviting every one to come and have a blast! For this year's party, we have turned a V.I.P. club house into party central. When the event starts, just look for a V.I.P. Club House owned by Kaleb Opaleyes in the housing directory. This event is a limited engagement and the V.I.P. Club House will become unavailable after the end of the event, please check the date and time for this event.

Please visit the following link for details: