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    Default Join Modern Gates!

    My friend Natalie Claire has a guild called Modern Gates. It's based on the mall she built on FR and they do so much more now! They have things like Caps days (a whole day when you wear a cap and talk in CAPS) and they do videos to post on youtube normally done on Caps days. Nat hosts games nights and awards based on they videos she and other guild members created. To see vids about Modern Gates on youtube simply search Free Realms Modern Gates or NatalieClaireFR or valelmheart. Both of them usually post videos about Modern Gates or including Modern Gates members! The guild does so much more and it's so much fun! If you like the sound of it simply add or whisper to her IGN Natalie Claire. Or you could contact me replying to this thread or in game so I could pass a message onto her. It's a really good guild! Hope you can join!
    ~ I wish everyone the best as they depart from the lovely world and community of Free Realms ~

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    Default Re: Join Modern Gates!

    Hello Could you please ask your friend if she could promote me, my name is Marley Epikshadow.

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    Default Re: Join Modern Gates!

    Cool guild, but you posted on wrong forum. Theres a board of guilds: Guilds


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    Default Re: Join Modern Gates!

    OOh Sounds fun!! I want to join I'm available =D

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