Hey guys, SD here from JAPON (Japan, dont flippin blame me for typing it funny at some times) Talking to you about the News going on with the tournament.

1st, There was a blizzard going on around yesterday, and still raging, so The Multiplayer tournament is actually delayed, meaning that I wont BE back in AMERICA (WE ARE LIVING IN AMERICA, AMERICA, AMERICA Ugh whatever) as I planned AND hoped, so yea, blame Japan's weather system.

and secondly, I WON THE CAMPAIGN TOURNAMENT AT 1ST PLACE! (Silent screams from mouth to imitate multiple people screaming... dont ever ask please) I did not even know I was gonna rank 1st at all.. WOW I must've beena RETARD for thinking this was THAT hard! (Keeps laughing at self for thinking retardedly)

Well, now for the Multiplayer Tournament... tomorrow, then it's back to America.

Prizes Won: 10,000 Cash, Gun Sword code, Lost Planet 2 T-Shirt

Prizes in Multiplayer tourney: Plasma Cannon code, another 10,000 cash (So I thought it was actually 100,000 cash but assumingly I was wrong on both counts), And the ULTIMATE WEAPON CODE (Only to Grand ranking players)

So freakin help me I want that code.