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Title: It's Not a Joke

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    Default Re: It's Not a Joke

    Quote Originally Posted by RayWonderMetal View Post
    Your point is a bit vague. Of course when the game started, people would be 'too old' to play the game in the first place, so they wouldn't play it. Those who did play the game now are no longer suitable for the age range that the game is marketed for, which, combining with the economical and financial status of the game and the country, means that Sony no longer saw any benefits from keeping the game and saw more potential in their popular EverQuest saga.
    I'd call it a franchise, not a saga. EverQuest Next is a complete reimagining of the world of Norrath with the lore and artstyle being very different from what fellow players of the EverQuest franchise have known for the past fifteen years. EQOA, EQ1, and EQ2 are the only games now that fit in the original timeline as far as I am aware of. I was turned off from EQN even before I heard the news that Free Realms would be closing just because of how different it would be from the other games. SOE could stick another title on EQN and players wouldn't suspect it to be based off of the Norrath we all know.

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    Default Re: It's Not a Joke

    -hugs everyone- ima miss this DX all of you and FR

    Team Vampire Forever

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    Default Re: It's Not a Joke

    .. Ohhh boy. Prepare for buzzkill Zalesana.

    Not everyone is going to like everything you do/create whether it's a website, a piece of art, a song, etc. Some people are very strong in their opinions *cough* Zyon *cough* and won't usually budge. You know how great what you created is, so you should realize arguing with people who think otherwise isn't worth your time and you should move forward and be happy with what you have. You shouldn't fly to every negative remark about what you've done to defend it because again everyone is entitled to their opinions and some people just like negative reactions.

    I'm honestly surprised at some of the comments I've seen throughout this thread from both sides. Some teach to ignore trolls/bullies and not instigate a fight, be the better person, and not respond with insults. It took me this long to realize that there have been quite a few times that they haven't stuck to that. I'm not saying that the trolls/bullies are right because they aren't but stick to what you teach, right? Like you've said they just want negative reactions, so ignore them.

    I don't care if you're the absolute nicest person in the world talking to a troll/bully or someone who disapproves of sheltering people talking to a goody two-shoes or anything in between. I'm all for a good debate, but sometimes it crosses a line between mature debating and immature mudslinging. Come on guys, I don't care what age you are. This has become ridiculous from both sides. I know some of you really don't care and are probably rolling your eyes at mama Zale over here scolding you, but this is seriously ridiculous. You can make an excellent and mature point without throwing personal jabs into the conversation.

    Yes, sometimes Zyon can be rude and tends to try to get negative reactions out of people, but he also poses some very eggcellent (forgive me for that) points and can be a very interesting guy to talk to and debate with. He's honestly probably one of the most intelligent people I've ever met.

    And yes I will agree that it seems as though Mystic Mayhem had quite a bit of favoritism from SOE because they got special shirts and the producer is on a lot of their friends lists, but they were extremely active in the community and were very helpful throughout the game. If FRI had still been as constructive as FRM, held events, and followed the rules, we probably would have gotten the same treatment. Being a member of their forum and seeing some of the guides they put together, they really earned it.

    So I think if one side would grow up and stop skipping around singing that they were right all along and the other site would stick to what they teach and ignore the negative jabs, this site would probably go back to being completely silent and people would happily go back to doing whatever else they do.

    .... Take what you want out of this, it's 5am and I haven't slept yet.
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    Default Re: It's Not a Joke

    I've pretty much removed every reply on this thread, normally I would just send a private messages out to the few who went over the line & call it a day. Unfortunately that just doesn't seem to be working out. No matter how many messages I have sent out over the past two months, the same people continue to pick fights with each other here on the forums. I don't usually call this behaviour out publicly, but I think it's time it is addressed.

    You all went over the line.
    I have received multiple reports about this thread, from many different people. Every post I removed was reported claiming it "attacked their opinion/character/etc." Let me make this clear: almost every individual reported a reply to their own post claiming it broke the rules. This wouldn't be so shocking if it wasn't for the fact that your post they replied to also held the same attitude and broke the very rule you are citing. You cannot expect someone to reply in a kind fashion if you are not doing the same.

    If you want to have your opinion respected, and your opinion heard, then it is about time you all learn how to deal with each other in a matter that is respectful and understanding. Everyone does NOT Have to agree with you. You do NOT have the right to bully someone into agreeing with you. You do NOT have the right to claim someone is experiencing physical pain because they are stupid. You do NOT have the right to call someone out for expressing an opinion that disagrees with you. You do NOT have a right to speak to someone in a deeming fashion. You DO NOT have the right to post in a rude, aggressive, and disgusting matter.

    I'm so incredibly frustrated with the attitude everyone has taken on. Free Realms Insider was suppose to be the haven in this internet community, where people respected their differences but enjoyed playing the game together. That vision was lost awhile back. You want people to be active? Be welcoming, don't be bullies. The reason many of the staff chose to move on? This attitude. The reason we don't have members joining? This attitude. The reason events are never planned? This attitude.

    Nobody wants to be around miserable people on a forum like this. There are many other options, and yeah, people are using them.

    So here's your warning:

    Watch your language and your attitude. Enough fighting. If you are moving from thread to thread & simply posting disgusting put-downs of members you will be banned. This is the line I am drawing now. If it continues, your membership on this site will be in jeopardy. The final moments of Free Realms & Free Realms Insider shouldn't be such a judgemental and disgusting environment. Get your act together, now.
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    Thomas Edison's last words were 'It's very beautiful over there'.
    I don't know where there is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful.

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