Heey Guys! Its me! Epic Becca along with Princess Melanie, with some exciting news!

Each and every single month, Melanie and i will be making A Monthly yearbook, and a monthly video,
(Becca=Video, Melanie=Yearbook). We may even we having certain people be the person of the month !
(NOTE: If you would like to be the "person" of the month, you HAVE to participate BOTH the video and the yearbook. (;

We will be having TONS of pictures- Featuring people, places, animals, and much moree ! But there is one slight problem....Even me and melanie put together cant take all the pictures ! We need your Help!

Here's how you can help!
Spoiler: show

If you would like to help, please Take some pictures of you and your friends doing something Spooktackular!

This may include:
Using Emotions!
Dressing Up!
Having Spooky-Fun!

BUT! Please dont do ANY editing to the picturre besides cropping it. Plz dont put ur name on it, or put a title on it. If you do your picture may not be used. Sorry Guys ! >.<
Please Help Us! We Need all entries (Pictures) By The 27th! Be Quick about it guys! Ill be online all nightt ! (: Thankss !

If you have any questions Contact either Me (epic becca) or melanie (princess melanie) For further notice. We also have An Email Address That you could send pictures to:


Thanks to everyone! Espically for reading ! (:
Have a Spooktacular Halloween !