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    Default If I deleted you, my mistake!

    Howdy ya'll

    So, before I decided to call it a "quits" for the game, I deleted a lot of people that I was not the "best" of friends with, and It was late at night when I did this so I can not remember who/what I deleted. Well, I just so love this game that i'm just willing to not come online as actively now, which is a bit better, but yeah..

    If I did delete you by accident, please VM your IGN, if your name did not look familiar before on my list, I have all rights to not put you on my friends list.

    I just wanted to put this out there to everyone, so you don't think I hate you or something! (and trust me - there is always that one person who assumes this).

    My, current, ign is Adrian Azurecloud, but as SOE is arguing with me that I did not send in the ticket to cancel my name change request, when I sent it a day before they even bothered changing the name, I am fighting for my old name back.

    Do not post on this thread if you are going to start a conversation about something totally different. Let's not get my thread locked (although, it should be locked as it's not really a topic to reply too, but you know.)
    "Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened."

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    Default Re: If I deleted you, my mistake!

    But I'm the one person who knows you hate me.

    True story!

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