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    Default Ideas For Rides

    So i was just thinking about rides, and i had some ideas for new ones but they have so many already so im not trying to complain they dont have these i just got bored and decided to think up some more awsome rides!
    They could have snow boards and skateboards sense they have hoverboards and surf boards. Another cool ride would be a car, i know they have kart racing but it would be soo cool to actually drive a car. they could design it kind of like the tractor but just make it look more car like. Some thing else that would be cool would be if they had rides for certain jobs. Like a broom stick for wizard (idk about the other jobs so tell me some rides that the other jobs could have) But yeah thats just some ideas

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    Default Re: Ideas For Rides

    i like the skateboard, car and broom stick idea. i'm thinking a zebra would be pretty cool too. or a scooter.

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    Default Re: Ideas For Rides

    Car would be awesome (I'd buy it for sure)

    Maybe like a snow board!

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    Default Re: Ideas For Rides

    I like the car idea,it would look weird if you drive whit it in water though.XD
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    Default Re: Ideas For Rides

    A clown ride! you ride on the back of a clown. that would be a cool ride. A squriel ride. you ride on the back of a squriel. both rides would be cool!

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    Default Re: Ideas For Rides

    A BANNANA RIDE!!!!!!!

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