So a friend and I were throwing ideas back and forth on Facebook (oops, I think I just gave away personal information) and we came up with these.

-More Kart/Demo Driver tracks. Didn't they do a demo of 2 tracks back in 2012 or so? I remember Rozzo talking about it on the original site. I could be wrong, but either way: new tracks. Sunstone Valley tracks would be cool. But in order to do that...

-Less mob-areas in Sunstone Valley. The place is almost impossible to navigate through without getting attacked by swarms of enemies. It's not like Sacred Grove either. These things aren't on the side these things are EVERYWHERE (except near the Warpstones). That way you can add more people and get Sunstone Valley more busy.

-Customizable weapons. You could still have the pre-set weapons, but you could also have enemies (dungeons and overworld combat for difficulty's sake) drop weapons parts that you could combine to create a weapon or parts in the CS. For example, on archer you could choose the arrows, the bow, etc. Brawler you could choose the handle, the head, etc.

-Less repetitive quests. Sorry (insert quest giver name here), but if you're only going to give me 30 coins for doing a bunch of repetitive back and forth garbage, then I'm going to have to pass.

-Better cooking mini-games. Too repetitive and boring. Something similar to cooking-mama where it's not the same stuff and every recipe is unique (No, smashing gummy fruit instead of nuts does not count) and has some unique steps.

-Mining. Standing there pressing X at an to go from level 16 to 20 is boring enough, let alone level 1 to 20. Bring back the mini-games. It will be more fun and people won't be angry about getting attacked by enemies in ore-zones.

-Fishing. It's just.... ugh. As relaxing as it is, it's boring. I was thinking that there should be a weight-detection like thing. If I'm not mistaken it takes just as much effort to reel in a giant fish as a small one. Maybe a time-difference but nothing major. Maybe have a mini-game (A mini-game inside a mini-game!?) where there's a red box in the middle and an arrow going back and forth. You must click when the arrow is in that red box. The speed of the arrow and the width or length of the box could depend on the size of the fish.

In case that's not clear, here's a quick (and poorly done) paint-drawing I did.


-Decrease NPC text. My god, it's just too much to read in my opinion. It also makes the Hero's Journal questline seem confusing because I don't even bother reading the wall of texts from the NPCs so I have no idea why I've suddenly gone from Seaside to Wugachug. It seems to just go everywhere without any smooth transition. Unless it mentions that in the text-walls from the NPCs.

-More voice-acting. It'd actually be a much nicer alternative to the above idea. They did it for the first 2 Hero's chapters, but they stopped. It'd be nice if the Hero's Journal questline would have voice-acting.


-Checkers. The way it forces you to jump your opponent when you have the chance to is annoying. 75% of the time, I end up losing the same piece after jumping an opponent's.

-The housing delete thing. The text is so slow that it's painful. Just display the text on the screen rather than having it gradually appear. It's like it's getting typed by an amputee or something. It just goes way too slow and by the time it's done displaying, you're probably going to have your house emptied out.

Might possibly add more.