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    Icon7 i wish freerealms did this

    i love freerealms but i wish we could buy more stuff with just coins

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    Default Re: i wish freerealms did this

    Well bad thing, is that everyone needs money in this world, without money in this society it is really hard to live and get the things you really need. With that Soe needs money to pay for its expenses, employees and any other costs they have. Without us paying for anything they wouldnt get any money, they would be doing this just from their hearts making people happy with a free game, but in life thats not how it is, They are depending mostly on us to pay for their expenses

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    Default Re: i wish freerealms did this

    if we didnt oay, the game would be MUCH worse...we pay, they make it better. without pay, the game would suck and no one would play. We pay to play.
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