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    Default I Will Build You A Deck!

    Hello everyone,

    Let me first introduce myself, my name is Windzor and I am a card duelist on Free Realms. Some of you may know me as I am very active in the daily tournaments. But to get to the point of this message I wanted to ask everyone how they would feel about me building them a deck? Now I can assure you that I am pretty good (no bragging intended). I have been playing Free Realms for a good 3 years now and mainly specialize in Order, Nature, and Machine in that order. I have won 8 tournaments so far. Now if that doesn't quite convince you because I do realize there are people out there who have won way more tourneys than I have. But consider this... April 16, 2010 there was a massive tournament where 140 people attended. I placed first in that tournament ladies and gentlemen. And furthermore my little brother who was using a machine deck I built for him placed second just under me. My score was 24 wins, 2 losses and his was 20 wins and 2 losses. So I guarantee you that I know what I am doing.

    For $5.00 I will take your cards that you have and assemble a deck according to your specifications. And also make a list of recommended cards that I feel would best benefit your deck.

    For an additional $5.00 I will personally test your newly made deck in battles against my own three best decks. I will do this process three times and make revisions (if necessary) after each battle. And will provide a summary of all three battles including how long each battle was with the score of how much you have won or lost by.

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    Default Re: I Will Build You A Deck!


    While I am sure your services are very sought after, this type of transaction is not allowed on Free Realms Insider and would also not be advocated or allowed on Free Realms since they strictly prohibit the sale of items for cash money except through Live gamer, in which case you must be a legal adult (most of our members here are not). Furthermore, Free Realms has only been live for just under one year, so it is highly unlikely (but not impossible) that you have been playing for three years.

    Please do not create another thread promoting this type of cash transaction.

    Also, trades of any sort are only allowed in the Free Market of FRI and may only be in the form of VRs, SC Cards or Coins.

    Thanks for your cooperation,
    Jillian Rosehill

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