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Title: I noticed something strange

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    Default I noticed something strange

    Hi there,

    So, I don't know if anyone else notices these things, but if you (on a window's computer, at least) put FR into windowed mode, the title at the head of the window says something along the lines of "FreeRealmsv[number]". I have been just subconsciously monitoring this number, and currently it is in the v1.9 range, this suggests a few things to me, and none of these can be confirmed as true, but I was just wondering, what if....

    1. The Free Realms closure was predetermined; as in long ago, possibly v1.3 or earlier.

    2. A Free Realms 2.0 is a possibility (As with Everquest 2, ect.)

    3. If Free Realms were not closing, would Free Realms 2.0 just be an update of Free Realms 1.9, or a completely new game?

    pictures coming soon, but this is just something to think about

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    Default Re: I noticed something strange

    That number only indicates what version free realms is. It changes each time the game has downloaded an update.

    My guess is that Free Realms' fate had been decided around the time they removed all of it's SC cards from stores, which all turned into $15 Cards allowing you to purchase SC for any of SOE's games with them.

    I wondered if they might create a new Free Realms, and if they are, it wouldn't happen immediately, or by the same company. It is most likely that Free Realms will never have any kind of game modeled after it made by SOE after the sunset. The main reason for this is, John Smedley (President of SOE) said this: "No. No more kid's games. Kids don't spend well and it's very difficult to run a kids game. Turns out kids do mean stuff to each other a lot."

    With that said, it can be safely assumed Free Realms will definitely not be remade or brought back by SOE. However, I have been monitoring their twitter, and there have been numerous people offering to purchase Free Realms. I won't post names here, but you may check their twitter if you are curious.
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