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    Icon3 I GOT FREE REALMS TO WORK!!! So can you!

    Hello gamers everywhere, as we all know, free realms is haveing technical difficulties. yea, well it may just be our computers, becuz i solved it!!! here are the steps:
    1. Close out all programs including internet tabs
    2. Get a parent to help you uninstall the file: FreeRealms.exe
    3. Restart computer
    4. Go to Free Realms, and wait for the game to reload.
    5. Play. (see below for what to expect)
    Side Effects may include, but are not limited to:
    Lag on game
    Taking forever to load
    Redownloading game

    Do not operate havy machinery, or attampt to teleprt after the reloading has occured, walk, or ride to your destination, and familiarize your self with the warpstones to make future teleporting possible.

    [COLOR=#ffffff]If you have any problems, contact SOE customer service. *edited - please do not ask for rep*.[/COLOR]
    THANK YOU, and good luck with free realms
    I quit...

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    Default Re: I GOT FREE REALMS TO WORK!!! So can you!

    Thanks i will try later i really need to go on to FR.

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    Default Re: I GOT FREE REALMS TO WORK!!! So can you!

    Ah, nice, if anything happens, I will use those steps

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