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    Default I came back months later

    Omg I don't know how long it has been since I was on Free Realms but i quit since of school and stuff there is so much new stuff what did i miss?! i kinda regret that i left now.

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    Default Re: I came back months later

    Well you have so much to get back into! Ever see SSV?

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    Default Re: I came back months later

    Welcome back unfortunately most of the stuff you missed was limited time only content like the Gloam Invasion (no confirmation if that is ever coming back) 12 days of presents for this year's Snow Days holiday event (rewards included a new pet and mount) and some new SC items, meh. Luckily you can still enjoy SSV but in all honesty you will complete all related content within a week anyway so you really didnt miss much at all. Oh and some pointless updates like banking and the mysterious merchant, pfft you can buy SC items in some new colors, who cares right? Enjoy your stay, you will probably get bored and leave again in less then a month. After SSV Ive only been logging on for 5 minutes a day to do dailys...

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    Default Re: I came back months later

    Welcome back, Choc, if you return. I was a little worried when I saw you gave up your old school gear, bad sign it's maybe final. Well, the skates from the snow days chests are popular, but like Zyon said, that was very limited time. Knowing you, the housing items would interest (finally doors, windows and... i know you wanted these... bricks!)
    No one knows the realm like the key hunters

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    Default Re: I came back months later

    Many things happened! New items, quests, and more! How long have you been gone?
    It was fun playing with you guys! Ilysm!

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