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    Default HUH!?!?! Underwater is dry?! o_o

    I think I glitched out or something, TWICE. Sacred Grove Shallows .-. eek !!! and it's dry under there too o_o it was accidental though...
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    Default Re: HUH!?!?! Underwater is dry?! o_o

    Hello LamPowerOfStars!,
    Indeed, While Your Fishing you Can Get Stuck In a Glitch
    Which i Seem To Do Multiple Times During Leveling Up
    Under Water While Fishing Is a Well Known Glitch
    They Really Want To Fix It But I Think Its a major Bug Cause
    A Lot Of People Get Stuck And Have To Log Out and Back In
    I Say It Should Go On Major Fixes. But that's probably the LAST thing
    They Need To Worry About, They Are Super Busy and Must Stay Focused On New
    Coin Shop Colors, new Coin shop items, Different Hair Styles, and Much MUCH More! So
    That's Something To keep In Mind As Well.
    ~Seth(Mr. Help)

    "Always Be Yourself, Because The people Who Mind Don't Matter and The People Who Matter Don't Mind."
    Dr. Seuss.

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