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Title: ...Huh?

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    Default ...Huh?

    Okay, now from what I've seen, I saw something REALLY weird here.

    I just now saw a car do a literal front flip... Okay WHAT? This is like the SECOND TIME already I've seen a car flip. The first being on it's side. Obviously, this is really weird, and I wish that nobody would've done this again... But anyways, It's what they do.

    So I checked it out about 15 seconds ago (Yes, I broke away to check it out), and guess what? IT WAS THE SAME GUY WHO DID THAT SIDE FLIP. So I have to say.... he must've not been really smart about this. I mean seriously, who comes around and does a front flip in a car? That same guy. Obviously, he's dead... hope he learned his two mistakes he made before.

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    Default Re: ...Huh?

    It sure isn't like the movies, eh? I've witnessed a few, both ending in can't unsee something like that. I don't think he learned.
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