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    Default howo video tape in game

    ok there is a easy way and a hard way. i personaly like the easy way so tht is what i will tell you. ok there is a camra on the top left of the it. then when the thing scrolls out click setting.then do graphics and name. then you would click the red button then it starts recording and when your done do the same thing. you upload by doing the same thing but type in your youtube username and pass then it will upload. depending on the computer it will go slow or sort of fast. mine goes slow sadly.well there you go

    have any questions leave then and check if they have been answerd tommorow around 1:00 eastern time cause i have parental controls so it kicks me off in a few
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    Default Re: howo video tape in game

    i noticed that if you upload the video into windows movie maker, it takes faster to upload it in youtube... takes only about 5 minutes or so...

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