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Title: How do you start the new "Heroes" TCG Quest Line?

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    Default How do you start the new "Heroes" TCG Quest Line?

    I tried to purchase, but apparently they are free.

    So how do we start the new Quest line?

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    Default Re: How do you start the new "Heroes" TCG Quest Line?

    The new quest line starts at a lady named Madam Zelda who should be standing where you finished the last TCG quest, (north Snowhill, near the Crytal Barrier).
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    Default Re: How do you start the new "Heroes" TCG Quest Line?

    Right pew, wrong church. Zelda is in Blackspore half way down the road to the mine.

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    Default Re: How do you start the new "Heroes" TCG Quest Line?

    If a player has not done any card duelist quest, I think he/she begins the 1st quest bundle by visiting Ari the Fish or Shifty the Shuffler. The quest series ends with Esther at Briarwood, and he has to play Dominic. To advance further, he should have attained a Level 20 Card Duelist job.

    The 2nd quest bundle (Shattered Past) starts with Sir Wellington; he could be found outside the Vale of the Ancients in Bristlewood.

    The 3rd quest bundle (Baron von Darkcheat) starts with Tyrone Shadowshard in Blackspore Swamp, then the player heads to Snowhill, interacting with Mayor Crystalline.

    The 4th quest bundle (Heroes) starts with Madam Zelda, who could be found in Blackspore Swamp or near the Ice Barrier in Snowhill. This quest bundle could be activated by visiting either Zelda. (:

    The quest bundles should be done sequentially. A player won't be able to do the new 4th TCG quest bundle without doing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bundles. As the he advances through the quest series bundles, he gets Promo cards (: Woot!

    The Opening Screen after a player logs in, shows that "New Quests for Level 20 Card Duelists! TCG Sets 1 - 4 Quests now free to play!" Again, the quest bundles are FREE.

    Since some players paid for their Shattered Past and Baron von Darkcheat quest bundles in the past, is a refund in order? Lol.
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