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Title: housing lag

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    Default housing lag

    that would be the best update.. if sony would make it so there would not be as much lag in my opinion :O

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    brett1 silverstone is offline Amateur Gamer
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    Default Re: housing lag

    SOE Cant do somthing like that. A lag issue in houses etc would not be the game itself but the players computer or internate so lag is not SOE's falt.
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    Default Re: housing lag

    Well, it's surely a combination of how much "stress" the game puts on the computer and how powerful the computer or internet connection is? But if they simplified the game so it ran well on slow computers/connections it wouldn't look as good on faster ones.

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    Default Re: housing lag

    Blocks that go through each other increase lag also.

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    Default Re: housing lag

    Stuff with special effects (cloud bridges/blocks, dance floors, animals) also increase lag A LOT.
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