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    Default Hilarious "Vampires" & "Werewolfs"

    I’m loving spooktacular this year. Not only was i able to complete all the quest's in 1 week (or less) but the role players are HILARIOUS! They seriously make my day XD

    A bunch of them really get in2 it and the only issue i see is a certain few cussing and threatening each other, other then tht its all childish games (and i don’t mean tht in a bad way ha ha)

    But i LOVE messing with the vampires, mainly cause i use Vampire Knight references (an anime) and they get all confused. Like i saw these 2 people down at seaside or snowhill and the girl was like "drink my blood! It will help you!" and i run in and im all like "OMG YUKI AND ZERO " and then they get all confused, its just priceless! (plus, now, i REALLY wanna make a new guy named zero lol)
    I know lots of people HATE the whole vampire v.s werewolf thing but i find it very funny!

    Whats the funiest thing a 'vampire' or 'werewolf' has said to you so far?

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    Default Re: Hilarious "Vampires" & "Werewolfs"

    Lol! Yes, people really do get into the spirit of the whole Vampires VS Werewolves, I think it's pretty funny how they are really intense about everything.(: When the dance battle begins, I like to say, "I'M ON BOTH SIDES Y'ALL." and start dancing in the middle.

    I love their comments when the dance battle is going on, they're like "Vampires are soo puny!!!" "Werewolves are too furry!!!" blah blah blah. Haha they're pretty amusing.(:
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    Default Re: Hilarious "Vampires" & "Werewolfs"

    I once had a vampire girl come up to me while I had my team wolf shirt on and tail and say "I command you to phase" I was like O.o come again? and she said to me "You are my wolf slave for I am the vampire queen and you will be my pet." xD I was rofling so hard in real life I couldn't respond with a game rofl.

    And her grammar as no where near that good lol.

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    Default Re: Hilarious "Vampires" & "Werewolfs"

    Yeah, to me it is kind of dumb but also kind of cool as well. Naturally, I'm on the werewolf team because of Remus Lupin.
    Sadly, I don't have enough SC for a costume and if I did I wouldn't spend that much anyway.
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    Default Re: Hilarious "Vampires" & "Werewolfs"

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperZac View Post
    Naturally, I'm on the werewolf team because of Remus Lupin.
    It makes me happy to read this.^
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    Default Re: Hilarious "Vampires" & "Werewolfs"

    Alot of ppl are getting into the vampire vs. werewolf thing. I feel likes it Twilight all over again! Lol! Some werewolf said he needed to drink blood! o_o I was like; um.... are you confused? Lol

    This ends on a good note.

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    Default Re: Hilarious "Vampires" & "Werewolfs"

    People get waaaaay to into it, it's hilarious.... I saw this one girl saying that werewolves rule and vampires drool, and I whispered her and said "In reality, werewolves are the ones who drool because werewolves are dogs, and dogs drool saliva, so therefore werewolves drool." It was funny, she was confused. But really vampires drool blood.... hmm..... o_o

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