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    Icon11 Hi guys here are the rookie rules

    Hi guys i want to tell you if your a rookie like me i always here ppl saying i joined the site but i can't be in the guild (like me) but here are the rules then

    1.) Do you have 50 helpful posts? (Yes or no).Yes
    2.) Are you a member of for two weeks? (yes or no). Yes
    3.) Do you agree to respect the rules of and Free Realms? (yes or no). Yes
    4.) Are you an active member of the community - have you posted outside of the application within the last week and more than one post this week/month? (yes or no). Yes
    5.) What is your character name?

    There ya go enjoy This is a short cut to Free realms enjoy!

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    Default Re: Hi guys here are the rookie rules

    Hi Rick, that is very nice of you to post these.

    You can see how many posts you have by looking up in the upper right hand corner under your join date.

    To make helpful posts doesn't just mean that you make a lot of posts such as in the game section. You need to actually be helpful and post answers to people questions or reply with the experiences you have had in Free Realms. You can also ask questions and posts with threads like this one. You will have your fifty helpful posts in no time . Just keep posting.

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    Default Re: Hi guys here are the rookie rules

    Yes, thank you for posting these. I hope people will actually stop to read them before applying with only one post. But if they ignore it on the application, chances are they'll ignore it here too. *facepalm* Oh well...

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